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Sofia Anna Zullo

Sofia Anna Zullo (’25) is an opinion editor. Her favorite topics to write about are current events, human rights, and fashion. In her free time, she loves to hang out with her friends and go to the beach.

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Book banning in 2023 is a serious problem and a clear threat on democracy. US States are banning books that silence LGBTQ+ voices and are passing on laws that are clearly hateful. This pride month, instead of silencing queer voices, let’s empower them by denouncing these hateful actions.

By Sofia Anna Zullo

An interview with Darya Majidi, an Italian-Iranian who had to leave Iran because of the revolution. She is not only a successful entrepreneur with her own company, but in the last few years she has also dedicated herself to activism for human rights, and in particular advocating for Iranian women.

By Sofia Anna Zullo

Image of Darya Majidi

Darya Majidi

With the sensitive nature of the subjects taught in health class: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual health/education, nutrition, mental health, and mental disorders, it begs the question of whether students should be exposed to them and when should students learn about this - Middle school or High school?

By Sofia Anna Zullo

Supermodel Bella Hadid walked a Coperni Spring-Summer fashion show after her dress was sprayed onto her before an astounded audience.

By Sofia Anna Zullo