Farewell to an Inspiring Figure of Léman: Mr. Sweeney

.Our Beloved Mr. Sweeney With Bullhorn Writers Fernanda Sieber and Sofia Anna ZulloFernanda Sieber
11th Grade students send messages of appreciation and wish Mr. Sweeney good luck in his new adventures.
Mr. Sweeney teaches 10th grade World History, IB Economics, and the elective History of New York. Next school year, Mr. Sweeney will leave New York, and go to Singapore to embark on a new journey. His presence will be severely missed, and we wanted to show our appreciation to him. A multitude of 11th Grade students that had the pleasure to have him for 2 years (some even 3!) wanted to demonstrate their appreciation to Mr. Sweeney, with some personal messages.
“Mr. Sweeney, thank you for your time at Léman you left a great impression on everyone that had your class including me. I disliked history until I was in your class. Your passion for your class made everyone else enjoy it. Have a great time in Singapore.”
“Thank you so much Mr Sweeney for bringing such good energy to the school. Your passion and love for your teaching captivated all your students and created the most incredible environment. I will never forget the volunteer club and history class! You will be very missed.”
“Mr. Sweeney, it's genuinely been a pleasure to have you for the past two years of high school. You are by far the best & my favorite teacher I've ever had, and I will forever appreciate you and carry everything you taught me throughout high school and college. Although you are leaving us, I know that you will have an amazing time in Singapore and the students there will be lucky to have such an amazing teacher. Just know that me and the rest of the grade will miss you and your presence so much”
“Mr. Sweeney, your passion and laughter will be missed around the school!! I will never forget singing the Roma anthem with you in front of a full IB econ class, and helping you pronounce the names of Italian historical figures! Your passion for history fueled my own passions, and I am extremely grateful to you for that! I wish you all the best in Singapore and I have no doubt that everyone will love you just like we do here!”
“Mr. Sweeney helped me discover my passion for history, and is a big reason why I take IB HL history today. Wish him the best in Singapore”
“Mr. Sweeney has been one of my favorite teachers in the school, he is always supporting and helping his students in every way. We will definitely miss his jokes when he’s gone.”
“Thank you so much for teaching us through HL econ, I’m really glad to have had you as my teacher and I hope you can forgive me for all the extensions I missed. Wishing you all the best for your next job!”
"Mr. Sweeney brought a light to every conversation, he made me feel safe to express my thoughts."  
“Thank you Mr. Sweeney for teaching us this year, it was great. Hope you’ll visit us from Singapore and won’t forget about us (your best IB econ class)”
“Mr. Sweeney was really helpful and made history fun. He helped me decide whether I should take history or economics, and he was just always very helpful at any time.”
“I have had the honor of calling Mr. Sweeney my teacher for the past three years. When I heard he was moving to Singapore my heart literally sank. Mr. Sweeney was the first teacher I talked to after moving to New York and he made me feel right at home. Although I'm going to miss him I am so incredibly happy for him that he gets to go on this adventure across the world. I think we can all say with confidence that Mr. Sweeney has had a positive impact on all of us who have had the honor of calling him our teacher.”
“ I can always count on Mr. Sweeney, with his bright smile and “he- ey ey girls” to bring me  joy when walking in the hallways, thank you for being an amazing teacher and volunteer club leader”
“I may have only had Mr. Sweeney for one year but it was one of my favorite years of history, thanks Mr. Sweeney”
“ Mr Sweeney, I will miss the energy you brought to class, even at 8 am. You will be greatly missed. Good luck!”
- Carolina Pernice, 11th Grade
“Have an amazing time in Singapore, Mr. Sweeney!! Will forever be grateful for our amazing history class. (You're the reason why I'm doing HL History)”
“Mr. Sweeney, you are an incredible teacher and you make such a big positive impact on everyone you teach. We will miss you!”
“Mr. Sweeney, you are the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time), your energy will be missed”
I miss your tenth-grade class! Best of luck in Singapore. Come visit!
“I loved the way you made your class engaging and fun even in the morning. Thank you for all the good times and good luck!”
“Mr Sweeney has been a teacher that has always pushed me to do my best. Whether it was in history or IB economics I would not be the student I am today without him. His presence brightens up every room he walks into and his passion for every subject he teaches shines through his teaching style every day. The entire student body, including me, will miss him dearly but we wish him luck on his job in Singapore!”
Mr. Sweeney and our writers
Mr. Sweeney and our writers