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Mr. Sweeney teaches 10th grade World History, IB Economics, and the elective History of New York. Next school year, Mr. Sweeney will leave New York, and go to Singapore to embark on a new journey.

By Sofia Anna Zullo & Fernanda Sieber

The Grammy’s are an awards ceremony held annually to celebrate the success of the music industry. The nominees are chosen by a prestigious organization called the Recording Academy, nominating artists in categories such as Best Artist, Best Album, Best Record, etc.

By Fernanda Sieber

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On September 24th, NFL and Taylor Swift fans lost their minds all over the internet

By Fernanda Sieber

The upcoming months of movie releases hold promise, and film enthusiasts have much to look forward to. The upcoming releases offer a blend of entertainment, ideas, and creativity that will surely captivate audiences and contribute greatly to the current cinematic landscape.

By Fernanda Sieber

Summer Movie Releases


The 2023 Leman Main Stage will be a production of The Prom, an inspiring story about self-discovery by Bob Martin and Chad Beguelin, first performed in 2016.

By Fernanda Sieber

"The Prom" poster.

Leman Main Stage