Léman students and staff members discuss Black History Month's meaning and importance, and how they have chosen to celebrate.

By Nola Lee

The Hunger Games movies deal with a notion that has been familiar to humans for millennia; survival of the fittest.

By Paloma Alonso

"In my interview with Ms. Davis, the main message I got from her ambitions for middle school is that she is there to lead the way and extend a helping hand during this unique period in each student's education".

By Freya Malala

Ms. Davis, new Head of Middle School 

Leman Manhattan

One of the benefits of being a Léman student is having access to quality free lunch daily. However, a 2023 Bullhorn survey conducted with Léman’s students and staff found that 92% of Léman students and staff throw out at least a portion of their food.

By Sofia Doucette

Fun Fall cookies for all!

By Mark Shanker

There’s no way to ignore it: Online, across the globe, in our city, and unfortunately, even in our own community, antisemitism is spiking. This form of hatred isn’t new, and without a strong response, it will persist.

By Lev Feldsher

Former Mayor Bill de Blasio and First Lady Chirlane McCray join thousands of participants in the March Against Anti-Semitism on the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday, January 5, 2020.

Michael Appleton/Mayoral Photography Office

Lina (11th grade), the organizer of this year's blood drive walks you through a step-by-step guide with tips and tricks on how to host one yourself!

By Paulina Ytuarte

Mr. Hawthorn has had a very lasting effect on the entire Leman Manhattan community, but as he moves on to other opportunities, the Leman community reflects on the legacy he has left and bids him farewell.

By Tabbie Brovner & Jotham Kriakos

The annual dance invites students to come out and celebrate coming together to have a good time. With the success of last year’s dance and the boat party earlier in the year, students were excited to return to a night of fun.

By Sara Sajjad

Taylor Swift has finally decided to go back on tour, but not without Ticketmaster creating chaos around its presale and general.

By Sara Sajjad

Picture of Taylor Swift.

Public Domain

A Poem by guest writer Mr. Francois written from the perspective of a teenage girl following the overturning of Roe v. Wade this summer.

By Jeff Francois

Clubs are an integral part of many Leman students’ lives. From affinity groups to video game clubs to sports teams, the possibilities are endless. Students are excited to get involved and create a broader sense of community through shared interests.

By Renata Glori

Hurricane Fiona has ravaged Puerto Rico, as the U.S. territory desperately tries to build back its infrastructure. The Leman Community, Latinx Student Union, Volunteer Club and Baking Club aided in these efforts through fundraisers, important discussions and educating each other on the facts.

By Paulina Ytuarte

BeReal has taken Gen Z by storm in the past few months and if you haven’t heard of it, someone you know probably does. As the app grows in popularity on its foundation of candidness and “living in the moment,” speculations about how long this high will last grow as well.

By Lev Feldsher

BeReal taken by Mr. Bonnar in class.


With a new school year comes a new administration. Mr. Miller and Dr. L have joined our Léman community and are ready to make a difference. What are their goals for the year, and what goals do students have for them?

By Sara Sajjad