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Tabbie Brovner

Tabbie Brovner (‘25) is an Opinion Editor. Her favorite topics to write about include fashion and current events. In her free time, she listens to music and spends time with her friends.

Recent Articles

Mr. Hawthorn has had a very lasting effect on the entire Leman Manhattan community, but as he moves on to other opportunities, the Leman community reflects on the legacy he has left and bids him farewell.

By Tabbie Brovner & Jotham Kriakos

New York Republican Congressman George Santos can't seem to keep the truth straight as he refuses to step down from office amid massive lying scandal.

By Tabbie Brovner

Portrait of George Santos.

U.S. House Office of Photography

SNL’s popularity has stalled with Gen Z. Will it be able to make a comeback?

By Tabbie Brovner

While Ye’s recent divisive and controversial antisemitic remarks have led many to boycott the artist, some continue to support him.

By Tabbie Brovner

Headshot of Ye.

Public Domain