Behind his heroic contributions and astounding talents in mathematics, Alan Turning was forced to have a tragic life due to discrimination in society.

By Keito Orii

Statue of Alan Turing in Sackville Gardens


Did you know that music has a scientific side to it? Like most things in this world, music has a huge scientific basis. From Neuroscience to Physics, music is more than a simple catchy beat.

By Tais Soto-Vaca

Major crises, such as natural disasters and epidemics, have historically encouraged and inspired significant technological developments to happen as scientists challenge to overcome those global problems.

By Keito Orii

Chat GPT’s new update includes several improvements to the general interaction with the AI. Open AI has only spent 6 months improving GPT, but has added the ability to analyze images and create system commands allowing the user to manipulate some of the traditional rules of the conversation .

By Quinn Peacock

A new breakthrough in nuclear technology delivers hope for a future powered by fusion.

By Joseph Pazmino Larco

Scientists have developed a way to control lightning strikes using lasers.

By Jasper Dratt

With the COVID-19 panic dying down, people have returned to their regular lifestyles; health and safety are not prioritized, which could have serious consequences down the line.

By Joseph Pazmino Larco

One of the most influential technological highlights of 2022 was OpenAI’s release of their large language model, ChatGPT, which was made available to the public in November of last year. It instantly went viral on the internet and has given the masses a glimpse of what the technology of the future holds.

By Quinn Peacock

OpenAI's logo.


River heat waves in the US are on the rise, which could cause large ecological changes and potentially environmental devastation.

By Quinn Peacock

The global population reached 8 billion people, according to the United Nations, on November 15, 2022. This is a milestone in human history, as this was the fastest growth in one billion people since the seven billion milestone.

By Joseph Pazmino Larco

Check out the latest images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

By Saahil Suri