The discovery of multiple swastikas throughout our school building once again is simply horrifying. As a Jewish student navigating an already difficult time with an extreme rise of anti-semitism and anti-Jewish hate, I want to be able to feel safe in my school community, but unfortunately, I don’t.

By Lev Feldsher

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are running for president again this year and debates on whether they are too old are resurfacing in the media. This poses the question: should there be a maximum age limit to a presidential candidate?

By Sofia Anna Zullo

The Completely Pointless Debate of Taylor Swift vs. Beyonce

By Caelyn Osbern

Since the fare increase on all New York City transports, there was supposed to be an improvement in services however, has any improvement occurred at all?

By Sofia Anna Zullo

Woman, Life, Freedom: amidst all the protests, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi boldly claims that women are free and safe in Iran. But is that really the case?

By Asal Tavakkoli

Illustration of a Woman, in the Colors of the Iranian Flag, with Her Hair Free. Symbolizing Freedom and Hope

@Sonya_Illustration on Instagram

Book banning in 2023 is a serious problem and a clear threat on democracy. US States are banning books that silence LGBTQ+ voices and are passing on laws that are clearly hateful. This pride month, instead of silencing queer voices, let’s empower them by denouncing these hateful actions.

By Sofia Anna Zullo

An interview with Darya Majidi, an Italian-Iranian who had to leave Iran because of the revolution. She is not only a successful entrepreneur with her own company, but in the last few years she has also dedicated herself to activism for human rights, and in particular advocating for Iranian women.

By Sofia Anna Zullo

Image of Darya Majidi

Darya Majidi

The abrupt resignation of the Lower School psychologist, Monique Ross, has forced Upper School counselors: J. Denise (JD) Fuller and Jillian Wolinsky, to split their time between the Lower and Upper schools. This current compromise has proven to be one that has had rippling effects on the Leman community.

By Sara Sajjad & Charli Reda

With the growing popularity of social media, it is essential that teenagers understand their personal boundaries, and when necessary... get off.

By Kareem McLeod

The recent release of Blonde and The Whale have inspired a conversation surrounding whether completely fictional or biographical stories resonate more with audiences, and the ethics of the biopic.

By Caelyn Osbern

With the sensitive nature of the subjects taught in health class: drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sexual health/education, nutrition, mental health, and mental disorders, it begs the question of whether students should be exposed to them and when should students learn about this - Middle school or High school?

By Sofia Anna Zullo

New York Republican Congressman George Santos can't seem to keep the truth straight as he refuses to step down from office amid massive lying scandal.

By Tabbie Brovner

Portrait of George Santos.

U.S. House Office of Photography

SNL’s popularity has stalled with Gen Z. Will it be able to make a comeback?

By Tabbie Brovner

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade will affect every American. The gravity of this situation is a cause for objection and empathy.

By Caelyn Osbern

Léman’s uniform enforcement has simultaneously sparked appreciation and criticism.

By Charli Reda

Supermodel Bella Hadid walked a Coperni Spring-Summer fashion show after her dress was sprayed onto her before an astounded audience.

By Sofia Anna Zullo

While Ye’s recent divisive and controversial antisemitic remarks have led many to boycott the artist, some continue to support him.

By Tabbie Brovner

Headshot of Ye.

Public Domain