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Taylor Swift's Influence on The NFL

By Fernanda Sieber

Swift was seen attending a Chiefs game, sitting closely with Chiefs player, Travis Kelce’s mom, Donna Kelce. Rumors quickly sparked and the Chiefs game only seven days later Swift appeared at the game and had 27 million viewers, making it the second most-watched game of the season. The viewership of teenage girls, Swift's main demographic, went up by 53%. The unexpected new couple has taken the athletic and music world by storm, leaving many fans with lots to say.
Taylor Swift attending a Chiefs Home Game in Chiefs Apparel
Taylor Swift attending a Chiefs Home Game in Chiefs ApparelDAVID EULITT/GETTY IMAGES
Taylor Swift just recently ended her American leg of her “Era’s Tour.” This tour has grossed around $2.2 billion just in the North American leg. In between tour legs, Swift has taken some time off and has been seen at some Chiefs games. Taylor Swift fans have begun showing interest in the sport and reactions have been relatively positive. As mentioned before, viewership in teenage girls has gone up by 53% which is Swift's primary demographic. Taylor Swift fans have been relatively supportive of the relationship and have shown interest in the sport and Kelce.
Travis Kelce is an American football tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs of the NFL. He holds the NFL record for the most consecutive and most overall seasons with 1,000 yards receiving by a tight end. His unexpected relationship with Taylor Swift has caused anger in many NFL fans due to the fact that the games have been centered around Swift and her reactions. Eleventh-grader NFL fan, Ethan Bader, said “I think Taylor Swift has both had a positive influence and negative influence on the sport. I think the NFL is focusing too much on her but the views for the games are rising.”
Taylor Swift seen with Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift seen with Travis KelceT.JACKSON / BACKGRID
The couple made their first official appearance as a couple on SNL two weeks ago. The couple popped in unannounced only giving a few minutes of advance notice to the show producers. Coincidentally, that night, there was a skit based around mocking how the NFL reporters were obsessed with Taylor Swift and their relationship. When the skit was mentioned to Kelce, he was excited when the writers suggested he make a surprise cameo at the end.
Ms.S is a football fan, however, she also appreciates Taylor Swift and her work. She said,“‘I'm a Jet’s fan” and it was a game between The Jets and The Chiefs that she appeared at. “I don't remember the exact play but I really think that the refs ruled in favor of The Chiefs so that they won the game.“ She continued by saying “ I've never seen much hype about an individual who doesn't have anything to do with the game, it was terrible.”
Many football fans seem to share this opinion. There has been an uproar among Chiefs fans, as they are complaining that their games are not centered around the players, it's now centered around Taylor Swift and her fan base.