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Colorful lights, tear jerking-songs, and a hilarious script; How to Dance in Ohio is the perfect embodiment of the modern-day musical.

By Tais Soto-Vaca

Official Broadway Poster For "How To Dance In Ohio"

A Review on the Witty, Action-Packed, and Uniquely Mexican Movie

By Tais Soto-Vaca

Blue Beatle Promotional Image

Warner Bros. Pictures

Europe was the hottest place to be during this summer. The New York Times reports that Europe was the most visited summer destination by Americans, and also the warmest.

By Tais Soto-Vaca

CBS News

Did you know that music has a scientific side to it? Like most things in this world, music has a huge scientific basis. From Neuroscience to Physics, music is more than a simple catchy beat.

By Tais Soto-Vaca