2022’s biggest breakthrough in AI just got bigger

By Quinn Peacock

In 2022, Open AI released one of the most powerful free-to-use language models, which took the world and the internet by storm. Recently in collaboration with Microsoft, they released an update to Chat GPT called GPT 4, and Microsoft created a similar chat system called Bing Chat, using GPT4, however, now it has the ability to access the internet.
Chat GPT’s new update includes several improvements to the general interaction with the AI. Open AI has only spent 6 months improving GPT, but has added the ability to analyze images and create system commands allowing the user to manipulate some of the traditional rules of the conversation (within OpenAI’s boundaries). This includes the levels of verbosity, tone, and style, allowing for more natural conversation.
Perhaps the most surprising thing that Open AI has accomplished in this update is the change in academic ability, which has significantly improved. After allowing the language model to take over 25 standardized tests, such as AP tests, it was able to pass a “simulated bar exam with a score around the top 10% of test takers; in contrast, GPT-3.5’s score was around the bottom 10%.” This jump in academic performance, the rate of improvement of AI, and its increasing availability, could worry future students. One Léman student, Alex Fu, stated “I am unsure of the future of AI and what it means.”
The improvement in academic performance isn’t the only thing that is worrying students, as Chat GPT’s newest form has just been released. Snapchat AI was just made available in April 2023, using GPT through a chat avatar, and while it is an interesting way of presenting AI, there have been many mixed feelings about it. Firstly, it’s significantly easier to jailbreak, which might raise some concerns amongst parents, Secondly, it has been recently going viral for potentially breaking Snap AI’s terms and conditions.
On a lighter note, Microsoft’s Bing Chat, which is free to use, is using GPT 4 and giving it a connection to the internet. A previous limitation of GPT 3.5 was that it only used data before 2021 and is disconnected from the internet, so it doesn’t have any updated information. Bing Chat can now cite its sources and give other website links, increasing its accuracy and reliability.
These new integrations of AI into our society have significant benefits and disadvantages, such as moral issues and proper usage. However, Mr. Francois, an English teacher at Léman has a brighter outlook on its integration. He says “I realize that there will be challenges. It always involves some growing pains incorporating new technology into our lives, but I believe ultimately we will find the right balance.”