The Fight Against Climate Change

By Blair Walsh

The Earth as seen from space.Public Domain
Climate change has been an issue for many years, and world leaders have been meeting to discuss the action they will be taking. Recently some countries have been falling short of their promises in combating climate change. Even if some nations have not fully lived up to their commitments in fighting climate change, the world has made sufficient progress in fighting climate change.
One issue countries have been trying to contain is the increase in temperature. But we have made progress with that as well. Before 2015, the world was on track to warm by about 4 degrees Celsius. Now after our efforts, it has decreased to about 2 to 3 degrees Celsius. Even though this is a small improvement it makes a difference in the world's efforts to stop climate change. Even this small shift in temperature has decreased the risk of severe wildfires, heat waves, floods, and other potential disasters. This could save thousands of lives in the future.
Although world leaders have promised more, several countries including the U.S. stepped up their pledges to reduce greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions. This would decrease the atmospheric gasses making the planet heat up slower. The U.S. has always been the largest historical emitter, but China is currently so they have decided to discuss this issue.
China and the U.S. will not be as greatly affected by global warming compared to developing countries as they do not have as much access to important resources. But these countries have not been contributing nearly as much fossil fuels compared to the U.S. and China. To compare, for example Pakistan emitted .3% of the world's carbon emissions and the U.S. 24.3%. Despite the fact that they have been dealing with temperatures up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit and floods that have incapacitated parts of the country showing uneven consequences, Pakistan is bearing the cost of countries with large emissions.
There are also some wealthy nations who have promised to donate much more than they have to climate funding organizations, but have failed to or donated less than promised. Overall some progress has been made in lowering the rise of temperature and recent discussions on the number of carbon emissions with world leaders. But unfortunately, there are still some problems which need to be resolved.
The progress made will have a positive impact on the future of the world, as countries around the globe combat climate change.