Léman Boys Volleyball Team; Attacking the Season Head-On

By Paloma Alonso

Photo credits to Lili Sposato Lili Sposato
The boys volleyball team is off to a great start with four wins already under their belt. The team consists of returning hitters and setters, making their last run with the team as they will be departing Léman in the coming months. Fortunately, the team has a lot of new and upcoming talents that could be a great asset for the next few years. What's next for the team? What can members of the Léman community look forward to in the future with the team?
With coach Christina Pierre and newcoming assistant coach Shaina Campbell, as well as other returning coach, Mike Wong, the team looks as though its on the right track to success. However, the season has just started so there's much to look forward to as well as much to improve on.
Speaking with one of the team captains, Senior Matthew Jeffers, he gave insight on what it's like to be part of the team, what the dynamic is like, as well as what he can ameliorate going into upcoming games.
He says; “Personally, I think my leadership and team playing has been going really well. This season is a lot better team bonding wise and there’s a lot more chemistry and consistency than last year for me and my teammates. The team dynamic is really good as we are all friends outside of the game and talk frequently. We work together all the time and the bond is strong. I’m looking forward to improving my connection with my setters and my passing overall”.
Volleyball is a very communicative sport so knowing that the boys have a good dynamic within the team as well as have a good trust established is a good sign for the team going forward. In terms of techniques the boys have had strong hits, sets and some monster blocks from middle Asher Alexander. However, what really stands out is the team's hustle and ability to pick back up plays that seem impossible to save. The team’s reflexes and focus on the ball really display how they practice and the resilience and perseverance they are willing to leave on the court even after a loss.
Sophomore outside hitter, Lev Feldsher, talks about his experience in his second year in the team, here's what he had to say; “This season has felt pretty good so far. We have a ton of games since we’re playing in two leagues, so compared to last season, it’s definitely more work. I think the team dynamic is pretty good, everyone is coming in at different skill levels but everyone is still supportive and motivated. I’m really excited to see how the rest of the season will play out, and I think that we need to stay fighting and push through the season, no matter how long it may feel.”
It seems as though all players can agree that there is room for improvement in the team although the dynamic is good. Senior capitan Miller Thoss says; “Some things that have been going well is the support from the teammates and the coaches. Everyone keeps pushing each other to improve.
I am looking forward to growing as a volleyball player and for the team to grow and for everyone on the team to improve. There are a lot of areas of growth and the team has a lot of potential.”
All in all, there seems to be a lot of hidden capability and power within the team that they have yet to explore. With each game that comes, there will be more and more chances for the team to improve and reach their full potential. The Léman community should be tremendously excited for what's to come from this team and what they have to offer.