Everything You Need To Know About Biden’s State Of The Union Address

By Elizabeth Volpert

Each year, the President of the United States delivers a speech addressing the current situation in our country, informing the general public of his priorities for the upcoming year. This year was no different, as the President lauded his administration’s achievements, and described what he plans to do next. President Biden talked about relevant economic issues, as well as social justice and gun violence. Through the applause and booing of his colleagues and opponents, Biden delivered an informational speech which held many key points that are currently of importance in our country. A summary of the State of the Union Address is provided below.
The COVID-19 pandemic has become less relevant to many Americans in the past year, but Biden addressed the possibility of a new variant emerging. In case of a new variant or wave, he stated that the Biden Administration will “support new vaccines and treatments.” He encouraged all to have their vaccinations up to date, and quarantine if sick. Other than restating previous remarks, no comments were made on the topic of COVID. However, he paid a fair amount of attention to another important healthcare issue: abortions. After Roe vs. Wade was overturned, the risk of abortion rights being restricted heightened. In addition to promising to work to protect women's right to an abortion, Biden reassured the country that he would veto any legislation passed by Congress that might outlaw them. The president also relaunched his and Barack Obama’s initiative, Cancer Moonshot, which aims to use medical research to reduce cancer-related deaths by 50%.
Two of the most prominent problems in the United States are gun and police violence. President Biden acknowledged all of the brave and good-willing police officers, but he called out those who are unnecessarily violent and biased towards certain minorities. On January 7, Tyre Nichols was pulled over and beaten to death by police officers. His parents were present at Biden’s speech and served as a prominent example of families who have had to say goodbye to their children due to police brutality. President Biden urged to require extensive training and background checks for cops, and enforce severe punishments for any display of biased violent behavior.
Another notable guest at the event was Brandon Tsay, a survivor of the Monterey Park mass shooting. He is not only a survivor, but a hero, as he rid the gunman of his weapon, saving many lives. However, the 26 year old also served as an example of what lengths people have had to go to protect themselves and others. According to the president, the majority of responsible gun owners support strict background checks and legislation preventing criminals from obtaining firearms. Biden reminded everyone that after the gun ban was lifted, the number of mass shootings tripled. “Ban assault weapons once and for all,” he said. “We did it before…In the 10 years the ban was law, mass shootings went down…Let’s finish the job and ban assault weapons again.”
Biden spoke of the United State’s involvement with the Russia-Ukraine war, and about his plans to prevent the US from direct contact. While the US military has not been involved, Biden has sent support and funds to Ukraine, and aided NATO in countering Putin’s war. Addressing Oksana Markarova, the ambassador of Ukraine to the US, Biden said “Ambassador, America is united in our support for your country. We will stand with you as long as it takes.”
Other topics covered in President Biden’s speech included mental health, support for veterans, strengthening the military and advancing its technology, pay raises for teachers, and taxing the rich. Though met with resistance and opposition from the Republicans, Biden delivered a well-rounded speech addressing a lot of the issues facing our country right now. Overall, the State of the Union address was a success, and many hope that President Biden will be able to carry out his promised plans.